Friday, March 26, 2010

Wuthering Heights Art by Blackriverrosi

MY ArtworkThis is a featured pagebased on WUTHERING HEIGHTS

Fan Artwork - The Brontë SoulHi, I'm Rosi and these are my Wuthering Paintings. You can read about Emily's Byronic Hero as well, Emily's great work of art. Also, see The Bronte Image Collection by Rosi and The Double Soul of Emily Bronte.

.Fan Artwork - The Brontë Soulpencil sketch
Rosi's passionate paintingsFan Artwork - The Brontë Soul
Ride, I will!night ride in oilsketch nightrideRosi's artworktogethera waifRosi's Wuthering paintingscut off from lovesketch moorsFan Artwork - The Brontë SoulSpirit womancathyWuthering Heights Artwork ...Rosimale tensionStandoffloversmoorsDreamFan Artwork - The Brontë SoulFan Artwork - The Brontë SoulHomeFan Artwork - The Brontë SoulHeightsFan Artwork - The Brontë Soul
Wuthering heights inspired art work ......... Rosi Death and Grief
Cathy death bed

Last Time

Fan Artwork - The Brontë Soul

At the Window, dying Kathy, heartbroken Heathcliff

Fan Artwork - The Brontë Soul
Heathcliff's Vigil


On the brink

Fan Artwork - The Brontë Soul
Rushing to Kathy



A work in progress

Emily imagined.....
Emily by Rosi
Emily Bronte by Rosi, 2010

emily by rosi

Emily again....

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