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Branwell's Art

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The Pillar Portrait
1834, Oil on Canvas, Now on display in The National Portrait Gallery in London, England

EMILY BRONTË from the 'GUN GROUP' portrait
Emily Brontë
This portrait of Emily was once part of a bigger portrait of all four siblings painted by Branwell around 1833 or 34. After all the Brontës had died and Arthur Nicholls, Charlotte's husband, moved back to Ireland, he tore Emily's portrait off and destroyed the rest of the portrait, thinking hers was the only good likeness. It lay at the top of a wardrobe with the 'Pillar Portrait' for years to come. Lucky for us around 1860 a photograph was taken of the extant portrait:
The "Gun Group" Portrait
The existence of this photo was not known until Dr. Juliet Barker alighted upon it amongst some papers that were donated to the Brontë Society in 1989. You can clearly see Emily's portrait on the right, and it is called the 'gun group' because Branwell is holding a rifle.

Branwell painted several portraits of local citizens.

John Brown by Branwell

Mr Denholme by Branwell

Mr Fletcher by Branwell

Miss Hartley by Branwell

Maria Taylor of Stanbury, by Branwell
John Barraclough by Branwell

Mr Kirby

Mr Parker by Branwell

Will Thomas by Branwell

Mr John Halifax by Branwell
Branwell sketched his dreams and adventures in Glasstown.

Angrian Sketch by Branwell

Death calls to Branwell

Branwell's hero

Branwell's Naughty Party


Angrian Map

Early story sketch


Monks Lodge by Branwell

20091004_14.jpg image by geraldean_2008

monkslodgebranwell.jpg picture by geraldean_200820091004_19.jpg picture by geraldean_2008

Monks Lodge Castaway

20091004_22.jpg picture by geraldean_200820091004_4.jpg picture by geraldean_2008

20091004_29.jpg picture by geraldean_200820091004_26.jpg picture by geraldean_2008

h.jpg picture by geraldean_2008

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