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Emily's grave...Musings

Emily's Grave
Apr 28 2008, 7:39 PM EDT
I feel that Emily Bronte should have been buried in the earth where hearher blows in the wind and where the clouds race across the sky- on the moors.Under the church floor, weighed down by cement, is not , in my mind, a proper place for such an earth loving spirit as Emily. Rosi

Emily's Grave and HEATHER
Apr 29 2008, 4:45 PM EDT
HEATHER, I've seen it bloom. Pick it. You can't keep it. The blossoms fall. Transplant it and it dies. Leave it to its windswept peat-bog and it flourishes. HEATHCLIFF- moorland native. Rosi

Emily's Grave and HEATHER
Jul 5 2008, 8:01 PM EDT
Still yet, the lark, in moorland skies
Skims the heather and lonely, cries
To itself. The song it sings
Of love and loss and sundry things. Rosi

Emily, are you in the pages of Wuthering Heights? We stand outside of your secrets. It is your elusive spirit that we must and should be on the moors.

RE: Emily's Grave
Feb 27 2010, 6:23 PM EST
(How shall I sing her?) whose soul
Knew no fellow for might,
Passion, vehemence, grief,
Daring, since Byron died,
That world-famed son of fire--she, who sank
Baffled, unknown, self-consumed;
Whose too bold dying song[2]
Stirr'd, like a clarion-blast, my soul.
..........a tribute to Emily by Matthew Arnold

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